The first time Ary Bird was introduced to textiles was when she was just six-years-old. Her grandmother, a talented seamstress, let Ary “help” her with a dress she was making. Although she likely didn’t contribute much to that particular garment, it sparked a flame in Ary’s heart that never extinguished. In the time since her earliest encounter with a sewing machine, Ary has created numerous ensembles herself, each one further fueling the fire that is now a burning passion for all things textiles.

      Thanks to the hand skills she inherited from her Grandma, Ary broke into the professional world as a seamstress as well, making alterations on historic garments used for period movies and plays. It was then that her curiosity about the past peaked and her love of history and research truly began. Always one to find the original source, Ary’s creative endeavors turned to producing the very fabric she had begun printing on around the same time. After a great deal of reading and experimenting, her first vintage loom was brought home and she started to understand the woven structure.

      Weaving has become Ary’s main medium and she’s constantly inspired by the fiber artists that came before her as well as the antique clothing she avidly collects and tenderly cares for. The incredible ability to create actual fabric from mere strings is something that has endlessly driven Ary’s fascination with weaving and what ultimately led her to pursue higher education.

      In the future, Ary plans to earn a MFA in Textiles in addition to a MA in Fashion and Textiles Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice. She would love to one day teach and spread her passion for textiles, or to work in a museum conserving textile artifacts, doing what she can to preserve history for others to learn from.


Workshops & Events

Classes taught include:

- Tapestry Woven Wall Hanging (I & II)

- Weaving Without a Loom

(virtually asynchronous only)

- Woven Floor Mats

- Darning + Mending

- Coptic Bookbinding

- Macrame Plant Hangers

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